About Prajna

Ability to turn good knowledge into action
Prajna is the ability to turn good knowledge into action. Prajna is an effort to retain the great treasure from our Vedas and reap the benefits through guided practice. In spite of our rich, valuable and true Vedic knowledge, we often tend to disown and distance from it due to ignorance and misinformation. Hence only a true a:cha:rya can dispel this darkness by lighting a lamp of right Vedic knowledge in our hearts. HH Sri Swamiji has taken up this task of educating and reforming us so that we will be able to lead our lives in a fruitful way.
Come, let us all join this movement. A person who gets benefited in this process, can lead others too in the proper direction thus empowering the entire society at large. Prajna is a series of classes conducted for the benefit of children and adults under the guidance of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Sri:manna:ra:yana Ra:ma:nuja Jeeyar Swamiji. Students will learn Indian (Vedic) culture and traditions and its meanings, Vedic literature and much more, accompanied with fun stories from our Ithi:hasas and puranas. Children will learn paryers and yoga. They will also learn to care about the environment and serve all beings as service to GOD.
Our mission is to empower our students with commendable knowledge and our vision is to preserve and spread moral values and cultural heritage.
What do we learn?
Rich Vedic culture and heritage
Knowledge of usages, customs, and practices
Meaningful prayers for different situations
Public speaking, leadership skills, and management skills
Service to society, learning respecting others and caring for Nature
Structure of Prajna (10 modules)
Overview of Vedic literature
Supporting textbooks and workbook activities
10 chapters of Bhagawad Githa and the Upanishads
Stories of Rushis, Seers, Acharyas, and more
Yoga and meditation
Bhajans, Stories, and Daily Prayers

Jai Srimannrayana